This is not accurate. Polling was quite good for 2022. It was traditional forecast models that fell short, but polls overall showed the GOP with a very slight advantage, which corresponds with the vote. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1321123/us-midterm-election-polls/

Recent Biden/Trump polling involves many different polling organizations coming at it from many different approaches and all of them showing roughly the same thing -- a roughly even race with Trump in a possible slight lead. It may well be that the vote is ultimately different from this, but I am confident your skills as a mathematician do not offer any particular insight on this issue.

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One more thing:

Can you all explain what happened in November 2022 when virtually every poll was predicting a “red wave” that never happened?

Can you all explain why “Zombie Birdbrain” Nikki Haley keeps grabbing 20 percent of the vote in closed GOP primaries?

I’m a mathematician and I can tell you with complete authority that these Biden / Trump polls are wrong.

How good are y’all at math?

Can you describe the simple pendulum nonlinear differential equation

y’’ = -k sin y?

Bet you can’t.

My email is DWEIR3@iCloud.com

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Pardon my “French,” but this is bullshit.

Bill Clinton in 1992, unlike Donald Trump this year, was not up to his neck in criminal indictments and lawsuit judgements.

Bill Clinton, unlike Donald Trump, did not praise Hannibal Lecter.

Bill Clinton, unlike Donald Trump, is not facing felony convictions.

Fuck the economy! Donald Trump will be crushed by Joe Biden on 5 November 2024.

Bet the ranch on that.

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